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When pressure washing your concrete does not remove the stains, what do you do? Acid Wash services for your concrete are used to remove hard stains, and bacteria that might grow where it shouldn’t. Acid Washing concrete in Los Angeles should be done by a professional. Our representatives help homeowners prepare the concrete by removing the sealants and pressure washing the area to take off anything easily removed. Once removed, you apply the Acid Wash to your concrete. It’s important to know that a smooth finish should not have acid wash applied. Acid wash concrete is usually rough and textured feel.

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Homeowners should consider hiring a professional if acid wash is what they are interested in using for the concrete. It matters on the design you need for your concrete and what you are trying to achieve. Our representatives can help you achieve the look you desire, all under one roof. We handle the contractors, crew, and materials. Schedule a free quote to get started with acid washing your concrete today.

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