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Professional Door Installation

Are you looking for a professional door installer in Los Angeles, CA? Novel Remodeling offers door installation services for homeowners and businesses owners. We help homeowners install standard doors, wrought iron doors, garage doors and interior doors. Our professional handymen and contractors help homeowners understand the project details, if framing needs to be repaired or replaced, perfectly aligning the door to the framing, and lastly project costs. Like most, homeowners love a deal and Novel Remodeling always offers specials on products and professional installation.

Addressing Hidden Costs

We go beyond the average general contractor and help homeowners by addressing costs that might be hidden. Example, when you install a exterior door, especially in the heart of earthquake Los Angeles, CA, it’s essential to check for foundation sturdiness. If a foundation its slipping, cracking, or shifting, it does not matter how perfect the door is install, its doomed from the beginning.   

When we come by for your free estimate, we evaluate a few options including, actual job site, foundation, windows, and any irregularities in the door alignment. We want to offer our warranty and with a free evaluation of foundations, alignments, and house structure, we can insure your home is safe and can safely replace the door. An average foundation evaluation costs homeowners $350.00 while we offer that for free to homeowners that want to find out more about securing the house. House bolting, and foundation seismic activities are always a danger to homeowners and the first indication of something going wrong in your foundation occurs when your doors and windows don’t open and close properly.

Door Types Los Angeles

There are different types of doors for homeowners to choose from and we like to offer our clientele different options. We strive for perfection and perfect installation. Our contractor can help you choose the right door for your home. Fire resistive doors for commercial properties are a common type of project we take on as well. For most homeowners, a wood or wrought iron door for security is common. We can insure you get solid product and professional installation. Don’t hesitate and call us today for your free no cost estimate.

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