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Are you tired of paying too much for watering your lawn? Maybe your just tired of finding a new gardener every three months? Novel Remodeling can help you save water, save money, and avoid the headaches of dealing with gardeners by simply switching to drought friendly landscaping.

Drought tolerable landscaping is one of the best ways to help California preserve water, and help homeowners save hundreds each year. Drought landscaping is a combination of succulents, pebbles, and hardscaping to create a fluid and yet concrete look that adds curb appeal and reduces your need to water your lawn. Custom drought friendly landscaping designs in addition to standard options available for homeowners. Schedule your free estimate today and save in Ventura County.

Homeowners on average have saved $125.00 a month and here is how!

An average size lawn can consume up to $60.00 a month in water. That’s a significant amount just to have green grass. If you think you are not spending that much on a 300 ft x 1000 ft  lawn you have not done the right math.

Depending on the design, and your community an average gardener costs about $30.00 a visit and on average homeowners are in need of a gardener twice a month.  It’s not hard to imagine that homeowners are spending $125.00 a month on landscaping when they can upgrade the lawn to drought friendly and save that each month.  

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