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Affordable General Contractors

If you tried hiring a tradesman yourself you can imagine how difficult it is to deal with them. In most cases, homeowners that choose not to hire a general contractor, have 3x more headaches to deal with during and towards the end of the project. General contractors like us, provide non inflated prices and ensure top quality work for your money spent. Our general contractor is fully licensed, bonded and insured leaving homeowners secure to collect what is agreed upon without compromise. Novel Remodeling in Northridge provide detailed outdoor remodeling and exterior repairs for the house. Compare prices for roof replacements, stucco repairs, exterior painting, patios, landscaping, porch, foundation work, and more.

General Remodeling In Northridge, CA

Roof Repairs | repair or replace your entire roof and save a fortune. Pro Roofers available today!

Skylight Installation | our roofers are expert skylight installers as well. Don’t hesitate and get free estimate today!

Window Installation | Window Installations with energy efficiency and Rebates!

Door Installation & Repairs | Door Installation and framing for homeowners.

Deck Installation / Deck Repairs | Wood and TREX Deck Installation for homeowners.

Patio Repairs / Concrete Work | Patio repairs and Patio Installation for homeowners

Foundation Repairs | Got a foundation crack? We can help you repair cracks and bolt your foundation

Drought Landscaping | Upgrade your lawn to Drought Friendly Landscaping today and save hundreds

French Drains | remove unnecessary water from your yard and by installing French Drains near puddles

Rain Gutters | Divert water away from your home with Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Free Estimates General Contracting

Interested in finding out more about your home improvement project in Northridge, CA? Compare your quote with one of the best general contractors serving Northridge and nearby communities.

Get Expert Advice on Home Improvement and Remodeling for your home with a free estimate. Professional and affordable general contractors helping homeowners in Northridge, CA save money and upgrade there homes!

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