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Grey Water System installation

When homeowners hear about the Grey Water System in Los Angeles, they often question if grey water would really work? Novel Remodeling works with homeowners that use too much water for the lawn and offer solutions like the Grey Water System to help reduce the consumption of water by your household.

To simplify, grey water system uses the water from showers, sinks and laundry’s to filter it and store it when it comes time to watering the lawn. A system based off your water consumption and lawn size is determined by our licensed and insured technicians that arrive on scene for your initial estimate. Once determined, you are quoted a competitive price to get the job done right.

Grey Water Installers Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking to save money and water, or just curious to see how the grey water system works, choose novel remodeling for your free in-home estimate. Our professional installer’s help homeowners understand that grey water system is a viable option to help California save water and help us conserve some of the costs of bringing water from different regions. Schedule a free grey water estimate and see why our company was rewarded for most installations in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Grey Water System

Grey Water System Estimates Grey Water System Grey Water installer

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