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HVAC system installation HVAC installer los angeles

Heat and Cooling Contractors in Los Angeles

Interested in getting your heating or cooling system repaired by a licensed contractor in Los Angeles? Novel Remodeling can help! We are a full service general contractor helping homeowners upgrade, and go energy efficient with HVAC systems that are energy star certified.

HVAC Systems we provide come with rebates and energy efficiency built in. We provide the best air conditioning installation for hot summer days in Los Angeles. We understand how uncomfortable it can get with heats ranging from 85 degrees to 107 during summer days.

Benefits of New Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

If you cannot sit comfortably in your home with your current air conditioning, or if you do not have a central air conditioning unit for your home, we love to discuss options for your home.

Comfortable Summer Days

Relaxing controlled temperature

Far better than any home fan system

Custom Air Conditioning Unit for maximized energy efficiency

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Learn about Different Options, Costs and Energy Efficiency Rebates for your new Air Conditioning System. Free Quotes in Los Angeles, CA

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