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Curb Appeal Low Maintenance Designs

Low Maintenance landscaping designs are one of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home in Los Angeles. A carefully designed yard built with succulents that thrive in California weather along with turf alternatives are envy to both homeowner and potential buyers. Low maintenance landscaping can make your home more appealing with less of the hassles in comparison to traditional SOD landscaping. Schedule your estimate for low maintenance landscaping and share your goals for your landscaping project today.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Designs

Maintaining a lawn is watering, cutting, protecting from the sun, all of which digs into your valuable time. Novel Remodeling streamlines the upkeep process by designing a landscape that takes care of itself. Landscape with plants such as succulents that don’t require a daily watering and Invest in a drip system that only gives your garden what it needs is a few ways to lower upkeep. Instead of lawn, install sturdy flagstone that looks beautiful and stays strong. Your lawn should not be a second job, and low maintenance landscaping through Novel Remodeling saves you time and money.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Saves Water

Lawns soak up 9% of Los Angeles’ entire water usage. Imagine what that does to your wallet. An effective landscape design makes the absolute most out of the water it gets which is why it’s important to use succulents and other plants that conserve rather than guzzle. Something as simple as using flagstone can cut down on a water bill. Something as reasonable as artificial or alternative turf can save you even more.

Novel Remodeling after 15 years, knows what a Los Angeles landscape is and isn’t. Low maintenance landscaping is a leap towards being both a conscious consumer and living a streamlined life.

Schedule a free estimate today to start the process of revitalizing your landscape.

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Los Angeles

While some dare to fight the hot sun off their brown lawns, most homeowners in Los Angeles are choosing Novel Remodeling for low maintenance landscaping designs for their homes. It takes a significant amount of financial responsibilities to keep a lawn looking fresh and green. More and more homeowners are choosing low maintenance designs and we like to share with you the benefits of choosing these verse traditional lawns.