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Novel Remodeling is a strong advocate of replacing roofs that are over 25 years old. Reason why we promote roof replacements verses repairs is simple; Repairing a single section of a worn out roof is only asking for headache because if an area is leaking today, chances are the next rainy day another area will start to leak and cost almost as much as a new roof. Canoga park, CA does not get much rain due to the severe drought in California, however, when it does rain, most homeowners experience the worst of it. Replacing your leaky roof can help us insure you have a flawless roof for the upcoming seasons. Our roofers stand by our clients and provide exceptional service without compromise. Our experienced roof replacement contractors provide detailed workmanship and full liability insurance just in case something does happen on your job site.

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Homeowners that are experiencing a small leak in the house, have options other than a full roof replacement. Roof repairs often occur when the roof tiles or roof shingles come loose. Novel Remodeling and our crew of roofing contractors provide roof tiling services for homeowners in Canoga Park. Replacing shingle roofs is straight forward and requires a full crew as it can be time consuming. We at Novel Remodeling, provide the full crew of roofing contractors and warranty for the top quality service we promise our clients. We provide shingle roof repairs and ensure 100% Satisfaction which means leak free roof. The other major reason why roofs leak is lack of roof paper or deteriorated roofing paper. Roof paper is the only thing keeping your home dry during a rainy season. The shingles, metal, or composite layer on top of the roofing paper is there for additional protection and looks. Novel Remodeling offers the latest in roofing designs from material to new concepts in fast and reliable installation. Our roof repairs last longer, and offer more durability against rain and other leaks verses our competitors. Request a free in-home estimate for roof repairs and roof replacements in Canoga Park.

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