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Drought landscape in Los Angeles

As global warming and climate change take full effect, Los Angeles residents are converting their traditional lawns into drought landscape designs from local landscape designers. Homeowners that are environmental friendly appreciate the amount of water they save each and every month. If saving water is not a concern, Novel Remodeling and our landscaped designers help homeowners save hundreds of dollars each year just by converting their traditional lawns into drought tolerant landscape. 2019 State officials brought back the drought tolerant turf removal rebate program to help more Californians turn their old lawns into drought tolerant design. Interested upgrading your landscaping? Schedule a free estimate and learn about our native plant recommendations, succulents, and fillers today.


Drought Tolerant Landscape Services

Lawn Removal is the first step in becoming drought tolerant for homeowners. Schedule a free estimate to determine costs for lawn removal and drought tolerant landscape design ideas to replace your existing lawn.

Xeriscaping landscape design ideas are simple and yet effective ways of reducing your lawn water consumption by replacing the area with dirt, gravel, wood chips, pebbles and succulents.

Drought tolerant landscape is not just dirt and cacti, but a wide range of California native plants, shrubs and trees that collectively form to create your overall landscape. Schedule a free estimate to design the perfect outdoor space for your home.

Artificial Grass or aka turf is another great option for home owners within an association that are required to have the traditional lawn design. We install synthetic and artificial grass for homeowners that either do not like or cannot install cacti and other natural plants.


Los Angeles Turf Replacement Program Rebates

Los Angeles County is one of the best places to live and thrive. What makes it even better is that our state regularly offers rebates and incentives to help incentives home improvement. Turf replacement program rebate offers homeowners a chance to get up to $2000 back on rebates through official state program. According to water wise website through LADWP and other water organization, up to $2.00 per SQFT will be refunded on qualified lawn replacement.

Schedule a free estimate with Novel Remodeling, your landscape designer and rebate specialists. Our free estimate help homeowner’s calculate rebate, determine costs, design ideas, and how it can help you lower your water consumption. Plan your backyard renovations and let us help you build and landscape today.

Drought Landscape Design