Residential Foundation Repairs Los Angeles

Foundation Inspections

Residential foundation repair services in Los Angeles starts off with an inspection of your homes existing foundations. Most homeowners in LA are investing, repairing and flipping homes and the full inspection of the foundation is required for the sale of a house. Novel Remodeling provides paid estimates and other foundation inspections for homeowners that noticed major signs of faulty foundations. Whether you need to sell your home, or just concerned about Los Angeles frequent earthquakes, a foundation inspection can help you begin your foundation repairs. Learn about our foundation warranties, and how we use affordable methods of foundation repairs

Foundation inspection Los Angeles
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Foundation Repair Services LA

Novel Remodeling and our foundation bolting contractors work closely with homeowners to provide affordable and sound foundation repairs and bolting services for local homeowners in Los Angeles, Ca. Scheduling a free estimate for your residential foundation bolting can help save your property if a major earthquake hits Los Angeles. Is your home ready?

We provide water proofing for the concrete slab foundations, earthquake bolting foundations to the home structure, concrete crack repairs, and slab jacking services.

Earthquake Retrofitting

When it comes to foundation repairs, homeowners are under immerse pressure to choose the right contractor for one of the biggest problems facing homeowners in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles is the center of all seismic earthquake activities and foundation repairs are a continues project for most homeowners.

Thankfully we at Novel Remodeling provide free estimates for earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles. Whether you’re interested in foundation repairs, foundation retrofitting, new foundation installation or even waterproofing your foundation, our expert foundation contractors provide comprehensive estimates to help homeowners understand and correct foundation issues.

Best Foundation Repair Contractor

It does not matter how much experience a contractor has, honesty is the best solution for homeowners in Los Angeles. Our contractors have been to homeowners that others exaggerated foundation damages just to sell more work. Novel Remodeling foundation contractors provide accurate and professional foundation evaluation and advice for homeowners. If you are educated and see what we see, you are better inclined to make a better choice for your family.

Foundation Damages and Repair Solutions

If you are experience cracks in your foundation, this is easily detected and repaired. Epoxy injects are affordable solutions for wide cracks. Wide-cracks can cause shifting in the home and major framing and stucco damages. Epoxy injects is one of the best option for foundation cracks.

Slabjacking is one of the options available for homes that were built on loosely packed soil. Slabjacking is a term referred to companies that can lift your concrete slab and inject soil and other densely packed materials to level your home. It’s an effective solution for concrete slabs that are still in good condition.

Piering or piling is another method for foundation repairs and its considered a last resort for most homeowners. Piering means a licensed foundation contractor will drill large bolts to the earth core and stop your foundation from shifting. It’s very effective and absolutely safe, however, one of the most costly ways of repairing your foundation.

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Soft Story Retrofit Los Angeles

Invested in a Apartment Building with a Soft Story Foundation? Did you receive a letter from City of Los Angeles regarding your foundation retrofitting? Building owners are required by law to upgrade and do the necessary retrofitting in order to pass new inspection. Schedule a free estimate or click below to learn more.