Invisipools Los Angeles

What if you could have a tennis court and a swimming pool in one designated space? Not interested in tennis, how about a flat surface to entertain guests? Novel Remodeling and our partner Invisipools are working together to bring homeowners a revolutionary product to help get the most out of your backyard, with one project, Invisipool.

What is Invisipool?

Invisipool is one of the most advanced swimming pools designed by expert engineers that can transform into a flat surface that can be used to do practically anything you can imagine. A swimming pool with a press of a button cover itself with a solid surface that can be made to look like a deck, flat surface to park cars, and so much more.

Invisipools are excellent for homeowners with limited backyard space.  It’s not practical to add a swimming pool for most homes.  The idea of using it once in a blue moon and the costs for maintenance keeps most homeowners away. With Invisipools, you can transform a section of your backyard to a swimming pool and back to your existing landscape in a blink of an eye. It’s fast, efficient and best of all, keeps your backyard exactly as you want it, whether you’re in the mood to swim or just relax.

Invisipool Details

Invisipools are compared to Swiss army knives and it’s with good reason. In about 90 seconds you can turn what looks like an ordinary patio space, deck or area for the kids into a sparkling swimming pool. The invisipool comes in three variations, 12 inch, 36 inch, and 66 inch deep and can accommodate an array of swimmers.

Furthermore, it comes in two sizes and in variation of squares and rectangles. Customization is a challenge with moving parts and thus it’s not practical to include diving boards and other swimming pool accessories.

Safety benefits of Invisipools

Safety is a big concern with LA based swimming pools. Invisipools design allows parents to control the depth of the pool with a simple to use control panel. When parents are in control, safety comes first and parents are in the driver seat with Invisipool.  In addition to controlling the depth, homeowners can hide the pool when small children are around and transform it back to a swimming pool when its bedtime and you need a swim. Having option is amazing and invisipool gives you those options you need for safety and fun.

Maintenance and Costs of Invisipool

Most homeowners are terrified by the costs of owning a swimming pool and its certain that it can be very expensive. With Invisipool, engineering allows homeowners to save money with its patented pool cover technology.  Since its covered, the evaporation is reduced significantly and ensuring homeowners not having to keep filling in the pool with new water.  

For homeowners interested in getting started, give us a call today and let us show you sample materials, designs and how the pool can work for your home. Schedule your free estimate (855) 456-6835.