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When it comes to adding value to your home, nothing adds more value than a properly built and permitted room addition or Accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles. If you are interested in building a rental income for yourself or expanding your home to add more square foot for expanding family, we love to hear from you. We are professional builders for over 15 years, remodeling and constructing attached and detached room additions, garage conversions and new construction in Los Angeles. Schedule your free estimate for blueprints to get started with one of our Architects.

Most room additions consist of multiple professionals to build that guest house, or garage conversion. In Los Angeles, most homeowners hire an architect for building plans, a contractor for construction, designer to help the contractor build something unique, and often times take more time out of your day to manage all of these professionals. When you hire Novel Remodeling, we take care of the entire project from architectural design and blueprints to construction and everything between.

Schedule your free estimate to plan your next room addition with LA best remodeling contractors. Our initial appointment will help you determine costs for the project, show you how we do remodeling and construction, and why we are the best in Los Angeles. Most homeowners save 5-10% on their room addition contractor by hiring Novel Remodeling. Why pay more when you can pay less?

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Planning Stages of Room Additions

Planning Stages of a room addition project is the most important. Homeowners in Los Angeles often rush through this process and have to deal with the consequences. Planning stages involves building or seeking financing for your room addition, drawing up blueprints that are approved by city, and determining whose going to build the addition.

Room additions come in all shapes sizes and layouts. It’s important for homeowners to build goal oriented room additions for their properties. If you are building a guest house to rent, a minimum of 750 Sqft is needed in most cases. Small additions can be studios but not single 1 bedroom which are crucial to Los Angeles housing crisis.


Budget and Cost Analysis

Room addition costs are one of the most influential determiners that make or break homeowner’s decisions. Determining a budget can be time constraining and unbelievably hard. To generalize most homeowners in Los Angeles spend $135 - $175 per sqft for a normal room addition without the fancy perks. If you incorporate a smart home style addition, prices are little over $200.00 per Sqft.

To determine costs for your project, or compare prices, simply fill out our contact form and let us show you the way.

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