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Planning on building a room addition on your property in Los Angeles, CA? When it comes to room additions, no other contractor does it better, at a lower cost than Novel Remodeling. Our licensed and insured general contractor build permitted room addition and residential home expansions in LA.

Adding a guest house to your property with a room addition can help you add the possibility of rental income to your property. Los Angeles is in a housing crisis that will take everyone to fix. Los Angeles has had an influx of population growth and finding affordable housing is a challenge. Adding a guest house, or a room addition permitted behind your property can help ease the housing crisis and help you collect rental income.

Another benefit of room addition in Los Angeles County is how much value a room addition can bring to your property. The bigger your living space is, the higher it can be appraised in your community. In Los Angeles County, on average homeowners seen 1:1 ratio for every dollar spent on room addition. Our room addition contractor can help you stay within budget, while maximizing value for your home. With over 15 years of remodeling and room addition construction, Novel Remodeling is your ideal choice for room addition construction.


Planning Stages of Room Additions

Planning Stages of a room addition project is the most important. Homeowners in Los Angeles often rush through this process and have to deal with the consequences. Planning stages involves building or seeking financing for your room addition, drawing up blueprints that are approved by city, and determining whose going to build the addition.

Room additions come in all shapes sizes and layouts. It’s important for homeowners to build goal oriented room additions for their properties. If you are building a guest house to rent, a minimum of 750 Sqft is needed in most cases. Small additions can be studios but not single 1 bedroom which are crucial to Los Angeles housing crisis.

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How Much Should A Room Addition Cost in Los Angeles?

Room addition costs are one of the most influential determiners that make or break homeowner’s decisions. Determining a budget can be time constraining and unbelievably hard. To generalize most homeowners in Los Angeles spend $145 - $199 per sqft for a normal room addition without the fancy perks. If you incorporate a smart home style addition, prices are little over $200.00 per Sqft.

To determine costs for your project, or compare prices, simply fill out our contact form and let us show you the way.

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