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In Los Angeles, CA hiring a bathroom contractor is no easy task. There are tons of bathroom contractors in Los Angeles that inflate bathroom remodeling prices, refuse to finish the bathroom within the time frame stated, and within budget for most cases. Novel Remodeling and our local bathroom contractors are your last honest contractors in Los Angeles County.

What makes us different is our transparency, and trusted bathroom contractor that doubles down as your bathroom designer for custom bathroom renovations, bathroom repairs and minor changes to your existing bathroom. Our licensed contractor been remodeling bathrooms in LA for over 15 years. Our bathroom designers make use of your space to maximize square footage, reduce clutter, add creative design elements, while keeping your entire bathroom remodeling within your budget. Compare our bathroom prices with leading experts in the home remodeling industry today.

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Testimonials & Reviews

“My wife and I needed our bathroom renovated and we called Novel Remodeling to build our new bathroom. John helped redesigned the area to use less water, and be more organized. We also redid our bathroom tiles. Thanks John for all your hardwork.“ Tessi - Los Angeles, CA

“We were so glad to find Novel Remodeling after our bathroom pipe burst while we were on vacation. Novel Remodeling helped us with our insurance claim, and remodeled the area just the way we wanted it. No hassles, no hidden fees like the rest of them contractors.“ Joel M. Los Angeles, CA

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In LA

There are tons of contractors that provide bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, but few can compete with Novel Remodeling unmatched customer service, deep discounts, and expert bathroom installations. We do bathroom remodeling faster than other contractors in Los Angeles. Our initial free estimates for bathroom remodeling covers your entire scope of work, keeping little in the dark. Our bathroom remodeling contractors provide free estimates throughout Los Angeles, CA.

Consider a free estimate for any of the following bathroom remodeling projects.

  • Shower Enclosure

  • Replacing Tub with Shower

  • Bathroom Vanity Repair

  • Bathroom Tile Installation

  • Mold Removal from Bathroom

  • Bathroom Painting

  • Ventilation and Bathroom Windows

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Bathroom Remodeling Interior In Los Angeles, CA
3D bathroom remodeling plans in Los Angeles, CA

Bathroom Repair In Los Angeles

Often times minor repairs can be dealt with easily and effectively, but most bathroom contractors wont consider a small project. In Los Angeles, we provide free estimate for most bathroom repairs and remodeling. Our Bathroom repair specialists can professionally remove mold, replace bathroom tiles, and install new  plumbing and electrical. We always recommend a fresh coat of paint when you consider any repairs or remodeling. Some modern bathroom have floor to ceiling bathroom tiles, in which paint is not needed. Clogged toilets are often just wrong plumbing installed in your home. When we asses the bathroom for multiple clogs, we check for your plumbing whether its copper, PEX plumbing, or old school galvanized piping. We offer solutions for almost every budget. Consider a free home estimate today with our local bathroom remodeling contractors in Los Angeles.

We are available for bathroom repair estimates in LA. Consider a free quote today.