Mold Removal In Los Angeles

We are the best local mold remediation and mold removal service in Los Angeles County. Schedule a mold test or a free in-home estimate today.

Mold Removal and Remediation In Los Angeles

Mold forms from Leaky Pipes

Novel Remodeling goes after the source of the mold damage and quickly repairs damaged plumbing to prevent future mold contaminations. Schedule a free mold removal estimate today.

Who We Are?

Family owned and operated general contractor, we offer mold remediation and mold removal services in Los Angeles county. We have done hundreds of mold removals and can help you tackle any size project, whether it's in your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home.

Best Customer Service

Our mold remediation and mold removal crews offer our clients multiple options at different price points. We use proven techniques to remove mold and replace any damaged areas. Not happy with our service? Let us make it right.

Mold Removal Customer Reviews

"After experiencing water damage to my home, I couldn't believe how easy Novel Remodeling made our mold remediation process. One of the best contractors to work on our home. Thank you, John!" - Jeff

"Thank you so much for all your hard work in finding the leak in our home and quickly removing the mold from our home. My family can sleep much more comfortable knowing we are mold-free." - Sasha

"We like to thank Novel Remodeling in Burbank for helping us replace our damaged pipes and remove the mold that formed under our home. The crew was excellent. Our project manager truly cared. Thanks again!" - Mary

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Our Mold Removal and Remediation Services in Los Angeles, CA

Our licensed contractors in Los Angeles consistently provide exceptional service for our customers whether it's mold-related or any other type of home repairs.

Our contractor lives and works in Los Angeles County, and believes in providing affordable prices that are competitive in our region. Our mold remediation teams lab test samples collected from your home to confirm mold, black mold, or moisture damage. We have a consistent relationship with labs to provide affordable mold testing in Los Angeles. Get started with a free estimate today.

How much should I expect to pay for mold inspection and mold removal in Los Angeles County?

In Los Angeles County, mold inspection and mold removal costs vary significantly from the area damaged to the city you are in and all the variables between.

Rest assured that our contractors will go over all the costs associated with inspecting the mold area, testing for mold, and providing a solution to remove the mold from your home.

Toxic Mold and Its potential Harm To your Health

Toxic mold, also known as "Black Mold" is a health hazard for homeowners. Toxic mold usually forms from moisture left unresolved for long periods. Toxic mold, or black mold commonly referred too comes in all colors and shapes. It can be present under the sink, in your kitchen, your shower, or even tub. It can also be in your attic if you experienced roof leaks. Novel Remodeling and our mold remediation experts will help you identify harmful mold and safely remove it from your dwelling.