Wood Eaves & Fascia Board Repairs in Los Angeles  

Novel Remodeling and our team of contractors provide fascia board repair and fascia board replacements in Los Angeles, CA. Fascia boards serve both a function and design purposes for homeowners. Homeowners experiencing visible damages can indicate severe internal damages to your wood eaves and fascia boards if left not repaired. Ignoring paint flakes, water damage from swollen corners, and mold growth will only make your repair costs that much more. Schedule a free estimate today to get costs today.

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What are Fascia Boards?

Fascia boards are usually wood pieces that are located between the flashing of the roof and where the shingles begin. It is a piece of wood that rain gutters are often installed on and can get damaged due to termites, water, and sloppy installation and removal of rain gutters. Our roof contractors provide all types of fascia board repairs and replacements. Centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA we provide free estimates for customers tired of looking at their damage fascia board.

What causes Damages to Fascia Boards?

The most common causes of damage to homeowners fascia boards are termites, water damage and rain gutters.

Fascia Board REpair - Termites

Termites are one of the most dangerous insects we have in Southern California. Termites eat away at wood pieces that are exposed to the outside world. Termites can travel through trees, shrubs and more. They infest in wood pieces and by the time homeowner figures out what is happening, the wood is hallowed and the damage is done.

Fascia Board REpair - Water Damage

Water damage is the next most common reason why fascia boards get damaged. Homeowners in Los Angeles rarely see rain, but when they do, most homes are ill equipped to handle the water damage. Water damage can cause mold, fungi and other serious health concerns when left untreated. Our contractors can treat fascia boards with waterproofing coating and replace fascia boards that are beyond repair.

Fascia Board REpair - Rain Gutter Removal

Rain gutter installation is great for homeowners to protect against water damage to their home, but often repairing or replacing can cause wood damage to the fascia board. The true damage comes when installers are forced to remove rain gutters and damage the fascia boards behind the gutters. These damages can peel paint, cause lose boards, and other damages to the fascia. Schedule a free estimate to learn more about the damages and get repairs in Los Angeles.

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