Attic Repair Services

Novel Remodeling provides full attic repairs and attic installation services for homeowners in Los Angeles County. Attics are a great place to store rarely used items, and keep your home insulated to control temperature and comfort. Our attic repair contractors consistently repair staircases that often lead to attics, install new attic doors, insulation, and remediate mold damage. Our attic specialists can help you understand costs, help you select materials, and professionally install it for your home in Los Angeles County.

Attic Repair Service
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Attic Staircase & Attic Door Installation

Attic doors or often known as ceiling cutouts are the most common type of attic access most homeowners get in Los Angeles. Most homeowners that want to use their attic space for storage, or even an additional room often install attic staircase for easy access. This will be great for homeowners interested in converting attic space into additional room for friends and family.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is a big deal in 2019 and its going to be one of the most important home improvement projects to consider when you decide it’s time to go energy efficient. Programs like Energy Upgrade California, Los Angeles Water and Power Department, and Socal Gas are providing rebates and incentives for homeowners interested in installing attic insulation. Our insulation contractors can install premium grade r-19 and r-45 insulation for most homeowners. Schedule a free estimate to find a local insulation contractor in Los Angeles.

Attic Mold

Attic Mold is very common since most heating and cooling systems are in the attic and roofs tend to leak when rain occurs. Mold tests are performed when you notice moisture or leaks in your attic. Our attic specialists will help you determine if a mold test is needed, help you remediate the area by replacing and air drying the area to destroy mold. Black mold tends to form when homeowners neglect water damage left to grow in the attic. Schedule a free estimate today with one of our attic specialist and we will help build, repair or replace your attic.