Heat & Cooling Installation Services In Los Angeles

Interested in getting your heating or cooling system repaired by a licensed contractor in Los Angeles? Novel Remodeling can help! We are a full service general contractor helping homeowners upgrade, and go energy efficient with HVAC systems that are energy star certified.

HVAC Systems we provide come with rebates and energy efficiency built in. We provide the best air conditioning installation for hot summer days in Los Angeles. We understand how uncomfortable it can get with heats ranging from 85 degrees to 107 during summer days.

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Local Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors

Novel Remodeling and our team of contractors are here to help homeowners start your air conditioning repairs, air conditioning replacements or new heating system installation in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on low priced, efficient HVAC systems that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.


Benefits Of Quality Built Energy Efficient HVAC System

  • Controlling Airflow In your Home

  • Controlled Temperature and Comfort

  • Allergen Environment

Central Heating and Cooling Systems

Novel Remodeling provides only Central air conditioning and heating services in Los Angeles. We specialize in central heating, and making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible through various improvements and suggestions offered by Energy Upgrade California. Learn about pressing topics regarding central heating and cooling systems for your home.

Replacing your Central Heating and Cooling System: LEarn About Costs

If you already have an existing central HVAC system then the costs of replacing should be significantly lower than those that are installing a new system from scratch.

New Installation

New installation involves an array of different services that are required to install your new HVAC system. New ducts are required throughout the house, in addition to tearing down walls and insulating ducts for optimal efficiency.

Costs can range from an upwards of $15,400 - $54,250 depending on the size of your property, number of ducts, type of system, and size of your heating and cooling system.

Replacing Old HVAC System

Homeowners that are struggling to pay for electricity often turn to upgrading the HVAC system to reduce costs. Replacing an old HVAC system with a new energy star, efficient heating and cooling system can help homeowners reduce electricity costs up to 35%.

Costs can range from $9,400 - $18,450 depending on numerous factors that can result in lower or higher cost system for your home.

HVAC Brands We Offer

  • Mitsubishi Electric


  • Panasonic

  • LG

Repairing your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditions units are often located in the backyard, rooftop, or attic which can get damaged from different elements that surround it, or its internal components. Novel Remodeling and our AC technicians provide Freon gas for units that are low, asses energy efficiency and replace parts for certain units. Scheduling a free estimate can ensure you meet our experts and we will show you how to repair the unit, or replace it entirely.