Insulating Home In Los Angeles

Done an energy audit and now considering installing insulation throughout your home? Novel Remodeling and our insulation specialists provide insulation and professional installation for homes in Los Angeles. As a licensed general contractor, we help homeowners maximize energy generating by insulating the home to use less energy and still have the same level of comfort you have become accustom too. Schedule your free estimate to meet our insulation specialists in Los Angeles to get costs.

Insulation Specialists Recommend

Insulation is crucial part of home improvement, but not many homeowners are aware of its benefits. Benefits tend to save most homeowners on average 20% on their utility bill especially if they run the air conditioning unit for more than half the day.

Cellulose insulation material is one of the most recommended insulation materials available for home builders in LA. Novel Remodeling and our insulation contractors provide blown in cellulose installation for attics, walls, flooring, and around ducts.


Fire Resistant, insect resistant, Mold and Mildew Resistant

Soundproofing qualities

Non Flammable / Non Toxic

Home Insulation Projects to Consider

Insulating Attic is a service we provide our clients in Los Angeles. It is very common for insulation to thin off and become absolute. Installing new insulation every 5-10 years is a recommended project to keep your home energy efficient.

Insulating Floors is a project recommended for area that gets too cold during winter. Los Angeles is tolerable, but homeowners can make the home even more comfortable with a well-insulated floor.

Insulating Walls is a great project to consider when you are redoing a certain room in your house. The den or TV room would be a great place to insulate because most families spend plenty of time there and the sound from TV can echo to parts of the house if it’s not well insulated. Consider a free estimate today.

Insulating Ducts is a project that can help you gain rebate money from the government. Schedule a free estimate and learn about our energy audit program.  

Sound Proofing Home  is a project that homeowners consider to eliminate most of the sound coming in from outside a particular room.