Air Duct Installers In Los Angeles

Planning on constructing a new addition to your home and interested in hiring an air duct installer in Los Angeles, CA? Novel Remodeling provides affordable duct installation and duct repair services for homeowners in and near Culver City, Torrance, San Pedro and rest of Los Angeles.

Our general contractor works with a local heating and cooling duct installers for fast and friendly installation. We triple check our work and ensure your ducts are replaced properly or installed efficiently to avoid excessive air loss. Our air duct installers can connect your new ducts to your air conditioning for central air and heating. We make it easy to get started with a free estimate for duct replacements and duct installation. Get a free quote today.


Discover Rebates from Energy Upgrade California, and how it can help pay for a portion of your duct insulation and replacement project. Schedule your free estimate in Los Angeles, CA.

Why Replace Ducts In Los Angeles

Flex ducts often get damaged due to the thin layer of plastic and foil coils that are not built to last very long. Homes that have rat infestations are the first to notice ducts that don’t blow properly. That is due to the rats eating away at the ducts.

Moreover, homes that experience flooding, fires or other damages require duct replacements. Even metal ducts that are built with far superior materials can get seriously damaged due to these damages. Replacing these ducts is the best way to keep your home at an optimal health.

Air Duct Installation Services

In Los Angeles, most homeowners have ducts installed in the crawlspace of their house, attic area, and under the concrete slab. These areas are hidden away from sight and often go unnoticed when damages do occur. At Novel Remodeling, we recommend inspection of these areas every 3-5 years to prevent mold, water damage, leaky air ducts and other damages that can occur.

Schedule a free estimate today and learn about different air duct materials that are available for your home in Los Angeles. Schedule a quote today.

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