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Energy Audits  - Making Home Efficient

Novel Remodeling has worked through California’s hottest days on record in order to give homes the comfort they deserve. A homeowner should be able to keep their home at a reasonable temperature without giving into Los Angeles’ extreme heat. Don’t lose hundreds due to poor home insulation.

Energy Audits Los Angeles - Saving Energy With Home Improvement

What is ‘Insulating the Envelope

Novel Remodeling’s first step is working with the outside ‘shell,’ of a home. The roof, walls, floor, all are a part of a seal that keeps cool air in. When not up to standard, the roof lets out 25% of cool air, the walls 35%, and the flooring 15%. Altogether, that’s a weight on the A/C that costs.

The job of replacing insulation is often left to the next homeowner until the damage is done.

Wet, compressed, or mold induced, our contractors handle problems at the start. Compromised insulation only leads to steeper costs down the line when left untreated.

How Much Does Attic Insulation Help

A hefty 25% of cool air is drowned out by the attic. With the roof over head acting as solar hotbed for a pressure cooker below, the attic makes the house impossible to keep cool in a couple of ways.

Small perforations in the ceiling add up to a channel of hot air that invades the home. Paired with poor insulation, this heat becomes insufferable.

Novel Remodeling performs an energy audit to determine the right solution for each individual attic. Sometime’s it’s insulation or air leaks. It’s impossible to know until an insulation specialist checks out the problem and finds a solution.

Wall Insulation is Useful Anywhere in the House

Whether the project takes place in the home, attic, or the basement, laying down layer of insulation over the walls enhances a home’s protection from the elements. Most of a home’s cool air is doused by heat drafts that come in through the walls, and our contractors know how.

Plumbing and wiring both contribute to the meager points of entry that add up to a dent in a home’s energy efficiency. That, paired with poor home insulation allows cool air to leave as it pleases.


Wall Insulation


Whole House Insulation

Duct Sealing Increases Energy Efficiency by 30%

No matter the heavy lifting that a central A/C can do, it will always find itself crippled up to 30% efficiency if the ducts are leaking. Ducts are a wide network that curls up into places that homeowners don’t often check; attics, basements, crawlspaces. Cool air, whenever generated, gets lost in leaks halfway en route.

If a room is difficult to cool, this could be the reason. An energy auditor knows how to find unruly ducts, and can pinpoint problem areas to bring back an A/C to peak performance.

Builder Grade Windows Should be Replaced

The turnover rate of LA housing has lead to contractors cutting their corners when it comes to quality. Windows are the first to suffer on the criteria they’re judged on.

  • U - Factor: A window’s ability to retain heat inside.

  • SHGC2: A window’s ability to retain cool air.

  • VLT3: A window’s ability to let in sunlight.

The average window fails on all fronts which causes homeowners to drain hundreds of dollars just to keep up with their cooling costs. Getting them replaced is a standard job with the surprising luxury of both a comfortable home, and a cheaper energy bill.

Central A/C’s Outclass Wall Mounted in Every Way

The issue with thinking small when it comes to A/C is that most aren’t built to handle a home. The average A/C forces itself into cooling a room to a specific degree without ever reaching its goal. This means the A/C is always running at full blast, and that adds up.

A central A/C is dedicated to the size of a home, specified to not over work or slack, both of which cause a surge in energy cost. Novel Remodeling pairs the right A/C with the proper insulation to make keeping a home cool, even in the dead of summer - effortless.


Finding the Right Energy Audit in Los Angeles

Finding a general contractor in Los Angeles is easy. Finding one that’s been in the business for over 30 years isn’t.

Novel Remodeling builds home remodeling projects out of the individual needs of every homeowner.

Contact us to see what an energy audit can reveal about your home.