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Interested in replacing your existing home windows in Los Angeles? Looking for a window contractor to provide installation and materials? Novel Remodeling and our team of contractors provide window installation and window repairs in LA. We pride ourselves on providing a huge selection of premium brands at different prices. Our window installation crews are the best in the industry. Over 15 years of window installation and repair experience, window installation is one of the easiest projects for us.

Types of Windows Available For Homeowners

Whether you’re looking for energy efficient windows, standard windows or premium quality windows with insulation, soundproofing and more, we have the right product for your home. There are three major types of windows available for residential homeowners; Vinyl Windows, Wood Windows, and Aluminum windows. If you are interested in replacing your old residential windows is to find a contractor that is licensed and can sell and install the new windows.

Many licensed general contractors like Novel Remodeling have agreements with window manufactures to sell windows. Novel Remodeling uses our discounts and incentives for residential windows and passes it along to our clients. We are in the business of making a small profit on our workmanship, not on materials that is why we provide the best prices for premium brands like Atrium, Milgard and Andersen Windows for homes. Schedule your free estimate today to get our pricing, see samples delivered to your door, and more!


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