Skylight Leak Repair Specialist  

Whether you’re struggling with a skylight leak, or need skylight specialists for installation, Novel Remodeling and our team of roofers provide the best prices for installation and repairs. We are local contractors with over 15 years of remodeling, roof repairs and skylight leak repair service experience in Los Angeles County. We provide free estimates for the entire Los Angeles County. We make it easy for homeowners to get free estimates by offering our services weekdays and weekends.

Our skylight leak repair specialists can help you find common skylight leaks and show you how to repair the skylight to prevent further leaks. Our contractors then can help you with attic repairs, water damage restoration services, wood damage repairs, and overall attic replacement.

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Expert Skylight leak repair

Repairing Skylight Flashing

When skylights leak, it’s mostly due to faulty installation, and bad flashings. It’s the major cause of most leaks in Los Angeles. Replacing skylight flashings can prevent further water damage and ensure leaks are stopped immediately. If your skylight flashings are in good condition, we put our attention on installation, and where the leaks maybe coming from.

Replacing Skylight Completely

Our skylight specialists can help you determine if replacing your skylight is the best choice for your home, instead of repairing what is beyond repairs. In 2019, we noticed most homeowners would rather replace the skylight with a new skylight that is professionally installed rather than take the chance to repair their skylight and it leaks again.

Free Skylight Leak Estimate

Scheduling a free estimate is very simple with Novel Remodeling. Our roof contractors and skylight leak specialists work together to help homeowners repair or replaced damaged areas and ensure your skylight stops leaking. Schedule your free skylight leak estimate today and save up to 15% off.