Mold Removal and the right way to remove mold in Los Angeles

Removing mold from a residential property can be challenging for the inexperienced contractor, or the homeowners that have to deal with mold in the walls, in the insulation, under the sink, or even on the bathroom tiles. It is important to wear safety gear so you won't get infected with mold by breathing in the debris.

Safety Concerns Regarding Mold Removal

The most important concept in removing mold is to do it safely so homeowners wont get effected. Our mold remediation specialists wear the right protective gear to make sure our representatives wont get infected. We ask all homeowners that have potential mold to use safety gear when they attempt to clean surfaces of mold.

Removing mold

First thing is to identify the area and why mold formed. Mold usually forms where moisture meets area left untreated. In Los Angeles, our mold removal and remediation specialists identify the area and test it for harmful mold. Once we identify that the mold is indeed harmful and should be cautiously removed, we replace the molded wood with new wood. We replace any moldy tile with new tiles that match your bathroom or kitchen. We replace the areas for two main reasons; Mold is often hard to remove and once you think you removed it, traces of it can still be present in the area. Once we replace the area completely, sometimes we go back and check the area to make sure mold is not present.


Concerned about your home?

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