Solar Installer in Los Angeles

There has never been a better time to go solar in Los Angeles and Novel Remodeling is your trusted contractor to take you there. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, Novel Remodeling recommends using a solar installer that has a great reputation, experience, and most of all, the best price for solar in Los Angeles. Did we mention we got all 3 of those and been serving Los Angeles for over 10 years now.

We began solar installations in early 2000’s and continue to provide excellent service for current and new clients. Solar installation services in Los Angeles consist of both off grid and grid solar panels that help reduce electricity usage and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and coal. Solar installation can help homeowners save as much as 75% or more on electricity with a well-designed solar panel system from Novel Remodeling.  Schedule a free estimate today and let us show you projected savings, and costs today!


Why Solar Installation for California Renewable Energy Source

If you are questioning if solar installation for your home is right or wrong, you are among a good deal of Californians struggling with this decision. As a licensed contractor for the state of California, we at Novel Remodeling urge homeowners to choose solar as an alternative to traditional utility companies because solar is the new renewable energy source.

Renewable energy source means that once you install solar panels to your roof, it will continuously generate electricity when the sun comes out. Solar panels last up to 25 plus years and within the first 10 years it pays for itself. That is thousands of dollars in savings when homeowners commit to installing solar panels for their homes, businesses and investment properties.


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