Bathroom Remodeling Studio City

Bathroom Remodeling whether you’re remodeling out of necessity or refusing to settle with what you already have is a popular renovation project for homeowners in Studio City, CA. Studio City is a luxurious neighborhood full of wealthy businesses, production companies and home to celebrities and business people of all statues. Building your dream bathroom in Studio city can add value to your home; make your home feel comfortable, spacious and beautiful. Scheduling a free estimate will our bathroom contractor ensures your bathroom gets a proper design that you can be proud of. Our bathroom remodeling contractor provides functional and beautiful designs for bathrooms of all sizes.

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Bathroom Renovations To Consider

Novel Remodeling and our team of bathroom renovation contractor’s often do small bathroom repairs and remodeling in addition to full bathroom remodel. Homeowners often want to change one aspect of the bathroom instead of replacing the entire area. The most popular projects in Studio City range from vanity replacements to Shower enclosures and more.

Dual Sink Bathroom Vanity Installation

Dual sink bathroom vanity installation is one of the most popular bathroom renovations we provide in Studio City. Homeowners can replace their single sink vanity, expand their bathroom and install dual sinks for husband and wife. Kid’s bathrooms are also being upgraded when siblings are too old to share a single vanity. Dual sink vanity can help speed up early morning struggle to get kids ready for school and so much more.

Shower Enclosure Installation

Shower enclosures are a popular trend in Los Angeles, CA. Many new homeowners are converting old tubs into newly renovated shower enclosures for quick showers with all the luxurious of the spa at your fingertips. Our bathroom remodeling contractor helps homeowners understand the benefits of shower enclosure, why so many are choosing shower enclosures, and how to get started with the remodeling today. Our contractors provide low prices for shower enclosure installation, repairs and replacements in Studio City, CA. Schedule a quote today to get started.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

Understanding costs for small bathroom repairs often leads our bathroom contractors in Studio City, to recommend complete bathroom renovation for homeowners. Small repairs can add up and replacing the entire bathroom makes sense more often than you might think.  The only way to know is to schedule your free estimate and compare prices for repairs verses entire bathroom renovations. We also provide financing options available for homeowners that could use additional funds for home improvement.

Schedule Free Estimate

Scheduling your free estimate with our bathroom remodeling contractors and learn about our methods of remodeling, our low prices, and experienced contractors that are known for excellence in Studio City, CA. Be sure to ask about our 20% Off special or inquire online for automatic discount.