Roof Inspections & Why Your Home Desperately Needs It

Roof Inspections & Why Your Home Desperately Needs It


Have you ever been to a dentist willingly before you desperately needed it? If you are like most, then chances are you rarely go see a dentist until you desperately need it. Roof inspections are designed to prevent your roof from leaking and causing serious damage. Like most dentists that recommend a yearly checkup, same applies for roof inspections in Los Angeles, CA.

When was the last time you had a roof inspection?

On average homeowners should get their roof inspected by a professional every two – three years. Some homeowners that are on top of their home improvement regularly get roof inspections so they can avoid a huge disaster. When your roof starts to leak, the problem multiples by 10X since a leaky roof brings mold, wood damage, and compromises your homes integrity.

When you schedule a roof inspection, we offer a professional to visually inspect the roof and provide an analysis of where the faulty area could be, and what we can do to repair the damages. Whether it’s to replace your roof, or repair just a few shingles, tiles or sheet metal (metal roofs), our roofers in Los Angeles are here to help.

Different types of roofs available

There are many different types of roofs and we provide repair solutions for almost all of them. Whether you’re interested in repairing your shingle roof, composite gravel roof, or metal roof, we have the right tools, professional roofers, and the experience to do it right the first time around.

Our roofers in Los Angeles provide only the best roofs for our clients. We recommend a roof for almost every type of budget too. Shingle roofs are the most common and cost efficient in Los Angeles. There are some homeowners that have premium metal roofs that last much longer and yet are more expensive to repair. Clay tiles, also known as Spanish style roofs are also big in Los Angeles.

Why Hire Our Roofers Los Angeles?

Novel Remodeling is one of the best and most established general contractors and roofing specialists in Los Angeles. We specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs, and leaky roofs. Scheduling a free estimate will help you get pricing and understand the costs associated from repairing the damages that could possible occur with a roof leak. Our roofers are always licensed and insured, with amazing reputation for quality work. We can pull permits; Install fast and friendly without compromising your home or your family. Schedule your free estimate today with our local roofers in Los Angeles, CA