Home Remodeling in Hollywood Hills, CA (Testimonial)

Home Remodeling in Hollywood Hills, CA

Our general contractors see many homeowners throughout the week. We try to make everyone happy between and during all inspections with city officials, and meeting new clients. Most homeowners would tell you that their are many bad eggs in the contracting and home improvement industry. Our contractors are completely different. We work towards resolving homeowners issues and doing quality work that we are proud of.

Home Remodeling Testimonials

Watch our testimonial video in Hollywood, CA. We replaced windows, repaired roof and installed solar panels for our client. Our client requested multiple energy efficiency products to help lower electricity usage and save money. Solar helped generate electricity while new insulated roof and windows reduced energy.

If you are tired of paying too much for electricity, and need a solution; schedule a free estimate and learn about the different products and services available to help you save money.

Rebates up to $5,500 available through Energy Upgrade California