Home Improvement Services That Matter in winter of 2019

Home Improvement Services Los Angeles

There are a lot you can do when you own your property, but the most important home improvement projects serve multiple purposes. There are home improvement projects that make your home feel cozy and comfortable in Los Angeles. These project consist of insulating your attic and walls, upgrading your heating and air condition to work more efficiently, installing a smart thermostat like Nest, upgrading your windows for soundproofing and even purchasing insulated windows.

Benefits of Insulated Attic and Walls

Insulating your home in Los Angeles is one of the most important projects to consider. Any energy audit specialist will start your home improvements here. Insulation is added in the attic, and inside your walls to keep cold air out and warmth inside. If you notice your heating unit constantly on during the winter, chances are you need more insulation in your home. Our licensed general contractors can help you get insulation installed correctly, check for airflow, ensure your home is efficiently built to reduce your energy consumption and save thousands in the long run.

ALERT: Energy Upgrade California provides rebates for insulation, a combined total of up to $5,500 for 3 more energy efficiency remodeling projects.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Central HVAC System

Just like any other appliance, Heating and Air conditioning units need regular maintenance and replacements when things fall apart. Some homeowners have older central air systems that are not efficient, and use far more electricity than they should. Upgrading your central HVAC system can help you reduce your electricity consumption and save you money. Some of the top brand we provide are American Standard, Lennox, Carrier and Rheem. In addition to upgrading our HVAC system, there are so many smart home products that are available that can help you maximize your efficiency and save money. Nest thermostat is one of the best options available for homeowners. There are rebates and incentives available for homeowners that are interested in the convenience of automating heating and cooling needs all from your smart phone. Schedule a free estimate to learn about the rebates, and incentives available today.

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Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are crucial to keeping your home warm during cold window nights. Most brands provide energy efficient windows. Energy star rating is applied to certain line of windows that meet Energy Star Requirements. In Los Angeles, our window contractors provide heavily insulated energy star windows for homeowners. We provide residential installation for condominiums, single family homes, and other residential properties. Energy star windows can help you save as much as 35% when compared to older windows that are not energy star.

Schedule a free estimate and let us show you samples, and give you our best prices for new windows for your home. Replace 7 or more windows and get up to $300 gift card today in addition to rebates.

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