Top 3 Favorite Stamped Concrete Design

Our Top 3 Favorite Concrete Designs in Los Angeles

Have you noticed that some concrete backyards in Los Angeles do not look like the typical gray scale concrete we find in our streets? Novel Remodeling and our hardscape contractor’s offer stamped and stained concrete services for residential driveways, backyards and walkways in Los Angeles. Whether you are interested in accomplishing a definitive design or need help repairing your existing concrete, our installers offer the best prices for residential concrete in Los Angeles. Discover what makes us different, learn about our prices, and exceptional customer service for home remodeling and backyard designs today.

Stamped and Stained concrete backyard

Rustic Concrete Design

Rustic designed hardscaping is one of our favorite styles of concrete for homeowners in Los Angeles. Rustic designs are simple, yet offer an elegant country-style charm which consists of warm color palette (woodsy browns, russet reds and forest green). Our concrete installers use stamped patterns to replicate natural materials such as stone and slate to achieve our custom designs. Plan your concrete backyard remodel with Novel Remodeling and let us show you our rustic stamped and stained designs samples.

Homeowner’s can compare our stamped and stained concrete design prices by scheduling a free estimate with one of our expert staff. Our concrete design specialists have over 15 years of concrete installation and design experience. Our concrete department takes pride in our beautiful finishes and professional customer service. Call us today to discuss your project and arrange your free in-home estimate.

Rustic Stamped and Stained Backyard

Modern Concrete Design

Designing a modern backyard requires a sleek and industrial design that can complement contemporary decor. Our concrete installers offer such modern designs by incorporating neutral colored concrete in large angular shapes. Our concrete designers modernize backyards by using shades of light and dark grays with different finishes. We specialize in metallic and matte surfaces, which creates an exclusive modern appearance that many of our Los Angeles homeowner do enjoy. Once complete, our clients appreciate the minimalist design that offers a calming place to relax and unwind. Plan your modern concrete backyard with Novel Remodeling and save 10% on your entire backyard redesign.

Rock Salt Finish Concrete Design

Rock Salt Finish

Rock Salt finish concrete is one of the most popular types of concrete designs for indoor areas in Los Angeles. Rock Salt finishes are best described as water soften salt crystals spread onto fresh concrete and sealed with a glossy finish. Rock Salt finish concrete is mostly used for residential car garages in luxury homes. Schedule your free estimate to learn more about Rock Salt finishes and how this luxury concrete finish can add value to your home.


Concrete stamping and staining services are a great option for homeowners that are looking for a custom design that natural stone cannot offer. Concrete backyards allow homeowners the versatility to design and build the backyard of their dreams. By scheduling a free estimate with our concrete installers, we can walk you through the different design solutions we are most skillful in and help determine costs. Choose Novel Remodeling for your concrete walkway, driveway and backyard design needs and let us earn your business with a free estimate today.

Stamped concrete driveway Los Angeles

Hope you enjoyed our top three favorite concrete design ideas homeowners in Los Angeles. Inquire below to schedule your free estimate.