Home Improvement: What are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, as compared with carpet flooring?

Home Improvement: What are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, as compared with carpet flooring?

There are many different advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring when compared to carpet in Southern California. Carpet is still found in most apartment complex in Los Angeles. Many homeowners have never really upgraded their rental properties which still use carpet. Carpet is considered a luxury only in cold climates. In Los Angeles, carpet never made much sense for most homeowners.


Advantage of Hardwood Flooring

In Los Angeles, there are many homeowners that have upgraded their flooring throughout the house to real wood or laminate wood flooring. There are advantages of having hardwood flooring compared to carpet. A deep oak, or cherry wood floors is a decor on its own when you compare it to ugly carpet. Wood flooring is also much easier to maintain and easy to clean especially when you compare it to carpet. Hardwood floors are more of a premium and can add value to your home, especially when you compare a home with dated carpet.

  • Easy to Clean

  • Looks great

  • More expensive adds value

  • More Natural In Look

Disadvantages Of Carpet Compared to Wood Floors

If you have pets or small children, then carpet is not your friend and here is why. Carpet is one of the hardest to remove stains, and keep clean. Carpet is exhausting for people that have allergies to dust or other forms of debris. Carpet keeps homes generally much warmer than wood floors. If you hate the heat, you should consider replacing your carpet floors. Furthermore, carpet is a cheaper product and can easily get damaged. Some of the common damages can be cut in the carpet, patch missing, or carpets that need to be re-stretched.   

Scheduling a free estimate in Los Angeles

Novel Remodeling and our contractors offer free estimates for homeowners interested in repairing or replacing their floors. In Los Angeles, we provide free in-home estimates to learn about your existing floors, show you sample materials and design we can do for your home. We do provide flooring for staircases in Los Angeles. We are proficient in installing wood floors throughout your home. Compare our prices with other contractors in your city. We are your local flooring contractor near you.