Kitchen Remodeling Long Beach

As home improvement and remodeling get more and more expensive in Long Beach, CA, nothing beats our low prices, and unmatched customer service for Kitchen Remodeling in Long Beach. Our general contractor Novel Remodeling provides low cost kitchen remodeling and design services for homeowners. We provide kitchen remodeling for Condominiums, Single-Family residential homes, apartment complexes, mobile homes and more. Our general contractor specializes in kitchen remodeling services that add value, make your cooking experience better, easier, and faster for you. Start your kitchen remodeling with our kitchen remodel contractors in Long Beach.

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Dream Kitchen Design and Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Interested in building your dream kitchen for your home in Long Beach, CA? Novel Remodeling and our team of kitchen counter-top installers, Kitchen cabinet Installers and carpenters provide low prices and custom solutions for kitchens in our community. We have one of the best reputations in Long Beach for superior kitchen designs that are functional, exciting and fresh. Our kitchen remodeling prices start as low as $9,999 for standard 10x10 kitchens.

Dream Kitchens Long Beach, CA $9,999
Kitchen Remodel Long Beach, cA
Kitchen Repair Services Long Beach

Kitchen Repair Services Long Beach, CA

Kitchen Water Damage Restoration

Kitchen’s water damage is one of the longest kitchen repair projects that homeowners in Long Beach, CA experience. Restoring and repairing the damages from a broken pipe that leaked and caused water damage can be extensive. Our general contractor in Long Beach can help you determine costs for the entire restoration, help you understand benefits of the latest kitchen remodeling materials that are available, and prices. Our contractor can also help you maximize your insurance claim, and get your kitchen restored. Schedule a free estimate to get started today.

Kitchen Counter-top Repair

Novel Remodeling and our kitchen contractors provide counter-top repair services in Long Beach, CA. We provide countertop repairs like scratches, chips, burnt stains, stains and other forms of damages. Our counter-top contractors can help you install a counter-top slab, help with designing, and cutting holes for kitchen sinks, and other utilities. Schedule a free estimate; learn about our low prices and superior customer service.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Novel Remodeling employees the best carpenters in Long Beach, CA. We use the best for kitchen cabinet repair services for homeowners interested in maximizing the longevity of their cabinets, and ensure that they look and feel great. Our cabinet department works with many different manufactures for solid wood, veneer, and pressed wood cabinets for kitchens. We have professional team of cabinet installers and repair technicians available for in-home estimates on minor and full kitchen cabinet replacements in Long Beach. Schedule your free quote today to get started.

Kitchen Remodeling Reviews Long Beach, CA

My husband and I contacted Novel Remodeling and we could not be happier. They did a wonderful job adding 4 cabinets to our existing kitchen and repaired 2 cabinets that were missing cabinet doors. Thanks Jacob!
— Susan J. Long Beach, CA
Our kitchen was in good condition and had Novel Remodeling repair a few scratches from our counter-tops. The work was done in less than a day and the final result looked beautiful. Thank you for your hard work.
— Keith P. Long Beach, CA
My husband found Novel Remodeling for our kitchen remodel and got a quote. Harry was amazing and helped schedule a free estimate. John came by on-time and quickly started measuring and assessing the kitchen. We went ahead and shared our favorite designs. John helped calculate costs. Overall the crew did wonderful. They answered questions, managed by John, and everything came together in less than a month. Thank you!
— Jennifer C. Long Beach, CA

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