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Planning on utilizing a landscape architect for your drought landscaping project? Our landscape designers and landscape architects are professional water consumption experts. We offer only the best in water conservation and design ideas for backyard remodeling in Los Angeles.

Homeowners that are interested in drought tolerant succulents, decomposed granite, and grass removal services for their homes can turn to Novel Remodeling and our team of landscapers. Begin your drought landscape design today, and let us help you get started.


Landscape Architectural Plans

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Benefits of Hiring Landscape Designers

Our landscape designers and architects provide industry standard 3D plans for landscape design and construction of your backyard. We compose each section of your backyard with the right materials, and design to create a comfortable atmosphere for our clients. Our landscape designers offer design changes, choosing of materials, succulents, plants, and layout of where each element should go.

It can get frustrating to not know what the vision of the designer is without proper 3D design plans. Our landscape architects plan and design your project with the backyard activities you enjoy the most. Homeowners that love cookouts, dinning outdoors, we provide different design to meet their needs. Homeowners with younger kids have a completely different layout and design to fit their needs.


Landscape Designs Ideas near LA

We like to classify three major types of landscaping available for homeowners in Los Angeles. The three major categories are modern landscaping, traditional landscaping, and a combination of both which we refer to as hybrid.

Modern Landscaping

Modern Landscaping is a combination of succulents, concrete and decomposed granite to reduce water consumption and have a fluid modern design. Our designers can help design any backyard to include modern elements and a finalize modern design.

Traditional Landscaping

Traditional landscaping is an option for homeowners that enjoy the lawn design. Homeowners in Los Angeles are shifting away from traditional landscaping, however some still enjoy the moist, and natural look. We provide Sod installation and artificial turf for homeowners that love the traditional design.

Hybrid Landscaping

Hybrid Landscaping is a combination of drought tolerant design with elements of the traditional landscaping. It could include a small patch of lawn with the edges being drought tolerant. It can include concrete in sections of your backyard, with fresh St. Augustine Grass in the rest of your backyard.  

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