Soft Story Foundation Retrofit Long Beach, CA

Soft Story Foundation Retrofit Long Beach, CA

Got one of Long Beach City Ordinance compliance letters for soft story retrofit for your apartment complex in Long Beach? Every apartment complex or home that has a Soft Story Foundation design is required by law to do the necessary retrofit and pass inspection.

Soft Story Retrofitting
Soft Story Ordinance Retrofitting

What you can do as a Homeowner in Long Beach?

Schedule a free estimate with Us Novel Remodeling learn about the options and what the costs are in order to bring your foundation back into ordinance. Our foundation retrofit contractors provide soft story retrofitting and repair services for our community. We provide additional beams, bolting services, and concrete to mend your foundation and insure your structure survive a large earthquake. Since Los Angeles is near the earthquake active zone, and soft story foundation do not have the additional support needed to withstand a strong earthquake, homes will crumble and will become very hard to repair.

What If I don’t do the Soft Story Retrofitting Required by law?

The law requires homeowners to take immediate action to retrofit and repair their home in order to pass ordinance request. Failure to do so will result in fees ranging from $356 -$3000 until the work is performed. Why pay penalties when you can avoid it and get the repairs you must do? Failure to do the necessary repairs will result in city making your property inhabitable.

Why Target Soft Story Apartment Complex?

City building and safety departments realized that Soft Story apartment building do not stand a chance against an earthquake greater than 8.0. That being said, it can endanger the life of your tenants and everyone involved. It is required by law to retrofit and ensure your home meets the new guidelines to ensure habitability.

Free Estimate: Soft Story Retrofitting

Schedule a free estimate with Novel Remodeling a local licensed and insured general contractor that can properly secure your foundation and ensure you meet city standards for the retrofit. We are proficient in passing inspection, doing the right retrofit to ensure you meet your ordinance. Give us a call today or reply back to schedule your free estimate.