Accessory Dwelling Units & 2019 Gold Rush

Accessory Dwelling Units & 2019 Gold Rush

Gold rush began in 1848 when James W. Marshall in Coloma, California. It was a great time for California as it seen an influx of population and the some people made their riches off gold, and selling equipment to those interested in mining for gold.

Fast forward 170 years later, California lawmakers have passed several laws making room additions, garage conversions and permitted guest house a “thing” in Los Angeles County. If you own a home and have not considered adding a guest house on it or converting your existing garage into living space for rent, then you’re losing out on the next gold rush.

Garage Construction and Garage Conversions

Garage conversion benefits

-Low cost for converting Garages into living quarters since most of the housing structure is already built. Most cities in Los Angeles allow garage conversions with proper permits.

-High rental income makes it the best time to get a garage conversion. In Los Angeles, a single guest house can rent for as much as $1600 a month depending on the area and other factors. Consider a free estimate with Novel Remodeling and find out how much your garage conversion can cost you.

-Financing available is another big factor for why you should consider getting your garage converted into a guest house. Now is the best time to get funding on low interest home improvement loans. Call for details.

-Homeowners are seeing a significant amount of value added since 2017. The best way to provide more value to your home is by increasing the number of square footage. Novel remodeling and our room addition contractors provide free estimate and low prices on room additions and guest house construction.

What you can do with your new Garage conversion

In-Home Gym

Tired of paying for your monthly membership to the gym? Convert your garage into a small in-home gym and save that $30 a month. Add insulation, small air conditioning and your favorite gym equipment and enjoy a free home gym. Have your friends come over and train together!

Room for Young Adults

Is your children growing up and need a place to stay outside of your home? Turn your garage into a guest house and have them stay and pay rent to you. Rent increases in Los Angeles are making it impossible for young adults to move out while still being able to go to school and pay for some of their expenses. Adding a guest house in your home, you can control how much you can charge your kids, if any and help them by giving them a fighting chance in Los Angeles.

Friends and Family That Regularly Visit

Having friends and family regularly visiting can be challenging to host in your own home. Most families try to find affordable Airbnb rentals or providing airbnb options for their own guests. Converting your garage into a living space with its own bathroom and kitchen is a great idea for those that have family abroad that regularly visit. You can give them a free place to stay, and charge others through Airbnb. One of the fastest growing side businesses is Airbnb rentals.

Game Room / Family Room

Is your family not spending enough time together? Turning your garage into a guest house can bring in new traditions and help the family connect by creating a game room for both adults and kids. Fun Game room ideas can be your favorite game board game, Play station, Xbox, or any other type of activity you can enjoy with your kids.

Rental Income

Lastly, the most popular reason to upgrade your garage and turn it into a living space to rent is rental income. Rental income is the highest we seen in Los Angeles and there are no signs of slow down. Many people cannot afford to purchase a home, and the only way to live in Los Angeles is to rent a home. Discover how much you can rent your garage after you convert it into a permitted guest house.

How to get started with your garage conversion?

Novel Remodeling is a licensed general contractor that provides free estimates for garage conversion in Los Angeles. We specialize in garage conversion and Accessory Dwelling units. The 2019 gold rush is all about rental income and turning garage into living space to rent. In order to start your garage conversion, homeowners need blueprints of the new design, layout and structure of the garage conversion. After approved design plans, we help homeowners get started by doing the construction, pulling permits, designing and helping homeowners select the best materials for rental income properties in Los Angeles.

Why us?

-15 years of remodeling experience

-Fully Licensed and Insured

-Low Prices, amazing deals

-Free 3D Design plans with purchase

-Professional, hassle free experience

-Customer Service is our top priority