Drought Tolerant Landscaping In Santa Clarita

Are you tired of replacing your lawn in Santa Clarita and are looking for drought-tolerant landscaping that will survive in Santa Clarita? Novel Remodeling provides affordable drought tolerant landscape designs for homeowners in and near Santa Clarita, CA. Our landscape designers use succulents, California native plants, and fillers to create a modern landscape design that is low maintenance and easy to maintain. Compare our drought landscape designs in your neighborhood and see why we come highly recommended in Santa Clarita Valley.

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drought friendly landscaping
Succulent Landscape Design

Top 3 Benefits Of Drought Landscaping?

Saving Water With Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought Tolerant landscaping designs are great for many homeowners in Santa Clarita, CA. If you are a homeowner that is tired of wasting away our limited water supply, replacing your lawn with drought tolerant landscaping will help save California thousands of dollars in utility costs. Our water supply is imported in California, and supply is dwindling.

Reducing Water Bill with Drought Tolerant Landscaping

If saving water is not a big concern for you, there are more benefits to drought landscaping then saving water for your utility company. When you lower your water consumption, your utility bill for water is lowered too. Drought Tolerant Landscaping can save an average homeowner up to $75 a month on average for the backyard. In Santa Clarita, these figures are much higher since most properties are larger, and have bigger lawns.

Noise, Bugs, Allergies & How To Get Rid Of It

Novel Remodeling and our team of landscape designers understand how challenging it can be for homeowners that have traditional lawns. The noise from the gardener every Saturday morning would be a enough for most to remove their lawns. Homeowners have options and drought landscape is a great alternative to traditional lawns. It reduces moist infested bugs that come from traditional lawns, and removes fresh cut grass allergy once your lawn is out of the way. Our clients can testify to how much better they felt after removing the lawn and dealing with allergies.

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Drought Landscape Xeriscape Estimate

Xeriscape is drought landscaping that uses succulents and native plants that help our environment, without harming Santa Clarita natural habitat. Our landscape designers offer free estimates, financing options, rebates and company incentives to make drought landscaping as affordable as possible. Our drought landscape designs are award winning, low in price and maximize efficient water usage with drip irrigation, and beautiful modern design. Schedule a quote today to get started.