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Every room addition, new construction, garage conversion, or Accessory Dwelling Unit starts with a blueprint from a room addition contractors. We are Novel Remodeling, a fully licensed general contractor that offers architectural plans, design ideas, and construction services for room additions in Santa Clarita, CA.

Garage Conversion In Santa Clarita
Blueprints and Room Addition Plans
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Room Additions Santa Clarita

Novel Remodeling provides the best room additions in Santa Clarita, CA. Whether you’re interested in a rental income for additional revenue or expanding your home for the kids, we are here to help you design and build your permitted room addition today.

Garage Conversion

Does your home have a garage that is used for storage instead of living space? Novel Remodeling and our team of general contractors and room addition pros can help turn your existing garage into a permitted guest house, or back house for any use. Our permitted guest houses can easily be rented for income or provided to young adults planning on moving out.  Schedule your free estimate to get started today.

Expanding Home

Planning on adding new square foot to your existing home? Some homeowners have huge land in Santa Clarita, and room for expansions. Our general contractors can help you get started by assessing your property, drawing up blueprints, and getting city approval for a permitted home expansion. Our contractors keep costs low by using attached patio area, or sun-rooms in Santa Clarita. Schedule your free estimate today.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units are garage’s that are often converted into rental units for our housing crisis in Los Angeles. Since the shortage of affordable housing, City of Los Angeles is allowing most homeowners to get approved designs for guest house, or back house addition in specific area. Schedule your free estimate to learn more today.


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Room Addition Costs In Santa Clarita, CA

Most room additions in Santa Clarita include a fully functional small kitchen and bathroom in addition to living quarters. Our garage conversions tend to cost $35,000 - $95,000 depending on the bathroom and kitchen size, number of square foot we are adding, and condition of the existing garage that we are converting. In Santa Clarita, there are financing options for homeowners interested in room addition costs. Plan today.

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