Drought Tolerant Landscaping In Burbank, CA

Are you tired of paying a small fortune just to water your lawn each and every month? In Burbank, CA we provide drought tolerant landscaping to help homeowners reduce their water consumption and save money. Our drought landscape designers provide artificial turf, lawn removal, succulents, xeriscape style designs, boulders, and fillers such as wood chips. We make landscaping your front yard or backyard as simple as we can possibly make it with design plans, visuals, sample succulents and more. Compare our drought tolerant landscaping prices in Burbank, CA today.

Removing Lawn For Drought Tolerant Landscaping

The first step in redesigning your front yard, or back yard is removing whats is currently present in your home. In Burbank, your landscape contractor provides lawn removal services to prepare the area for drought tolerant landscape design. We begin by removing 1-2 inches of lawn and dirt and prepare the area for artificial grass, fillers or succulents to reduce water consumption. If you would like your lawn removed and replaced with a drought tolerant design, schedule a free estimate with our landscapers today.

What are some drought tolerant landscaping options?

Some of the more popular drought tolerant landscaping designs available for homeowners in Burbank are, artificial grass, succulent with wood chips, succulents with gravel, or decomposed granite for your backyard. We offer it all for our clients and can help you get the best prices for a similar designed area for your home. Compare our deal with others today.

  • Artificial Grass

  • Decomposed Granite

  • Succulents

  • Concrete

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