Garage Conversion In Burbank, CA

Planning on converting your garage into a guest house in the City of Burbank, CA? Novel Remodeling provides the best prices for garage conversion in Burbank. We have structural engineers, architects and builders to help you get started with your garage conversion.

What is Garage Conversion?

Garage conversions in Burbank, CA have recently become popular due to the shortage of affordable housing in Los Angeles County. City of Burbank is allowing most homeowners to convert their existing garage into guest house for rental income. If you own your property in Burbank and are willing to invest in your house to convert your garage into a guest unit, we would love to discuss the project and get you started today with a free estimate.

Converting Garage Into Guest house

If you have your garage gathering dust with your old things, you are not using your garage well. In Burbank, homeowners can charge a significant amount rent and we here to help you convert your garage into a rental income for you and your family.

Architectural Plans for Garage conversion

The first step in any garage conversion is getting approved plans for your project from City of Burbank, CA. To get started, you need architectural building plans stating what you plan on constructing and where everything will be. A garage conversion requires a small kitchen and bathroom, living room, and bedroom that passes inspection. Our garage conversion contractor can help you get the right architectural plans to pass inspection and get started.

Adding Kitchen and Bathroom

Converting your garage into a guest house requires building a new kitchen and bathroom inside your garage. In Burbank, CA we provide small kitchen and bathroom installation for homeowners. We run the electrical and plumbing, install custom cabinets, bathroom vanity and tile the flooring to make it easy to clean. We keep design to a minimal, adding neutral colored cabinets and countertops that would be easy to rent. Our general contractors build a custom bathroom to be efficient and up to code. Compare our kitchen and bathroom designs for garage conversion in Burbank today.

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Free Garage Conversion Estimate in Burbank

Our free garage conversion estimate in Burbank help homeowners get an idea of what your garage conversion might costs in Burbank, CA. We offer free estimates to asses your existing garage, do a walk through to go over scope of work, potential design elements, and calculate the logistics of converting your garage into a guest unit. We invite all homeowners to consider a free estimate. A simple garage conversion can help add significant value to your property. What is stopping you from getting a free estimate? Call us today or inquire online today.

Garage Conversion Burbank, CA