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If you are a homeowner in Northridge, CA you might be considering garage conversion as a way to boost your homes value, help the housing crisis in Los Angeles, and providing additional income to you or even add more space for a growing family. Novel Remodeling and our garage conversion contractor helps homeowners estimate costs for their garage conversion project while helping those with blueprints to get started. It does not matter which stage of the garage conversion you are in, we are eager to hear from you. Our garage conversion specialists can help you plan your garage conversion with blueprints, pull permits, help you select materials and do the construction. Compare our prices with others in your community today. Call us today 855-456-6835 to get started. 

Garage Conversion Construction Northridge, CA
Garage ADU In Northridge, Ca

Converting your Garage into Guesthouse 

Converting your garage into a guest house is the best use especially if you are just storing old things. You can use the space much more wisely than storing old junk. We are here to help you get started. 


Design plans or architectural blueprints are the first steps in converting your old garage into a guest unit to rent or use for living quarters. We provide architectural plans or blueprints and submit it to the City of Los Angeles for approval. Once approved, we move on to permits. 


Permits are a costly part of any construction and it is a necessity. Homeowners can pull their own permits or can have us take care of the entire process. We pull permits from the City of Los Angeles building and safety office. 


Choosing the right materials for your garage conversion is not an easy task, especially for an inexperienced homeowner. Our general contractor will walk you through each section of your garage conversion, show you different options and help you get the best materials. Schedule a free estimate to learn how we can help you save more than 7% on your garage conversion. 


After getting approval from the City of Los Angeles, make sure we have all the right permits, and material on the scene, we begin construction. The construction project can range anywhere from 6 months to a year. Delays can occur depending on materials

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Free Estimate For Garage Conversion Near You

Schedule a free estimate for your garage conversion, and see what our local contractors can do for your home in Northridge, CA. Our contractors near your home will offer a free estimate to learn more about your project and help you get started. Compare our prices with other general contractors in the vicinity.