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For over 15 years, Novel Remodeling has been providing kitchen repairs in Northridge, California and we plan on expanding our services to offer custom materials at affordable prices. We specialize in kitchen repairs for residential kitchens in Northridge. If you are considering repairing your cabinets, countertops, kitchen tiles or water related damages, we are ready to provide a free estimate.

What makes our kitchen repair contractor in Northridge more competitive than our peers is our amazing prices. If you ever gotten a few cabinets repaired, you know how much a carpenter could potentially charge. Its horrendous to say the least. Our kitchen repair contractor looks for innovative ways to keep costs low and pass on our savings to our customers. Our kitchen contractor will provide free estimates to repair or replace any part of your kitchen. Compare our prices with other contractors today.

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Common Kitchen Repair Services We Provide In Northridge, CA

Novel Remodeling and our expert staff of kitchen repair contractors provide common repairs for residential properties in Northridge, CA.

  • Cabinet Wood Repair

  • Counter-top Scratch Repairs

  • Water Damage Restoration For Kitchens

  • Kitchen Tile Floor Repairs

  • kitchen Recessed Light Installation

  • GFI Outlet

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Northridge, CA

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Northridge, CA

Kitchen Remodeling Gallery In Northridge, CA