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Whether you have emergency roof leak, or trying to prevent your roof from leaking by replacing it entirely, we are Novel Remodeling and we love to schedule a free roof estimate in Los Angeles.



Roof Shingle Repairs Los Angeles

Roof Estimate | Full Roof Replacements

When you are in need of a full roof estimate, there are tons of contractors out there but very few can deliver on the promise of a durable, long lasting roof in Los Angeles. Novel Remodeling and our roofing contractors in Los Angeles provide free estimates for roofs, and stand by our workmanship with a valid warranty from both manufacture and labor. That means that if things happen, and your roof leaks we got your back. We also work with financing companies to help fund roof repairs and roof replacements. Learn about the details, get a free quote today.

Roof Estimate | Missing Roof Shingles

Novel Remodeling and our team of roofers provide free estimates for missing roof shingles and damaged roof shingles in Los Angeles. Homeowners often experience severe winds in Los Angeles. San Fernando Valley and parts of Los Angeles can get winds north of 13 mph. With loose or badly installed shingles, they often fly off. Novel Remodeling and our roof contractors are here to help you schedule a free estimate to determine costs for repairing your roof.

Roof Estimate | Cracked Chimney Causing Leaks

Noticed a crack in your chimney? Is it leaking water when it starts to rain? Novel Remodeling and our team of contractors offer chimney repairs, crack repair services, and leak repairs for homeowners. We provide on-site estimates and offer low prices. Schedule your free quote today.

Roof Estimate | General Roof Leak Repairs

There are a number of different reasons why a roof can leak. Often its weather that causes the material to falter and crack causing leaks for homeowners. Other times are animals like rats, squirrels, and raccoons that damage tile roofs or shingles causing leaks. Either way, a visual inspection of the area will determine the cause, and our roof specialists will provide solutions based off our inspection. Schedule your roof leak repairs in Los Angeles today.

Chimney Roof Cracks
Missing Shingles