Tile Roof Repair Los Angeles

Tile Roof Repairs are one of the most common types of roof repair services Novel Remodeling and our team of roofing contractors do in Los Angeles, CA. Being one of the most expensive types of roofs, costs for finding and repairing a leak is often challenging and difficult to pinpoint. Our roof contractor provide roof leak repairs by performing a roof leak test to determine the location of the leak, and use cement roof sealers to seal the leak below the tile and re install new tiles for the area.

Common Roof Leak Cause

Tile Roof Leaks often occur when the seal beneath the roof tiles fails and water starts seeping through. It generally occurs when the roof is old, and hasn’t been maintained in a long time. Tile roofs tend to last a very long time due to the expensive and premium materials. The other reason for roof leaks is bad installers. In Los Angeles, Novel Remodeling provides estimates for tile roof repair and tile roof replacements. We do entire roofs from start to finish, regardless of position, number of stories and more. Our roofers are experts on finding and repairing leaky roofs that cause damage to homes.

Failed sealant for roof

Tile Cracks  / Missing Tile