Backyard Remodel Hollywood, CA

Homeowners interested in remodeling and designing parts of the backyard understand that finding a contractor with experience, taste and sophistication is not a simple task. There are tons of contractors with experience in backyard remodel in West Hollywood, CA but many lack the sophistication and taste to build something beautiful. Projects like water features, infinity pools, and Jacuzzi are common for the backyard, but it’s not often that it is the right approach.

Novel Remodeling and our backyard remodeling designers do things differently. Understanding homeowner’s budget and goals is the only way to design the backyard of dreams for Hollywood residents.  

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Backyard Remodeling Designers

What makes a really good backyard design? Some homeowners enjoy a big swimming pool, with lots of lushes shrubs, or fresh lawn. Others love a more exotic succulent look, with mini swimming pool and a large soaking Jacuzzi to unwind on warm summer nights. Our backyard designers are your backyard experts when it comes to choosing the right material, layout, and design to meet your goals. Whether you like sun tanning outdoors, or playing tennis, we can make your backyard the backyard that makes your home feel more like home. Our backyard designers provide free estimates in West Hollywood and nearby. Schedule a quote to get our best deals on pavers, pool, and landscape design.

Backyard Design Ideas

Not every home needs a swimming pool, and our backyard design team can help you figure out your needs, wants and how to achieve the backyard design of your dreams. We provide endless design options for homeowners interested in modern landscaping or tradition landscape design.

Modern Backyard Design

Modern landscape design in Hollywood consist of concrete, succulents, and strategically placed water features to enhance and relax you as you walk through your backyard. Our backyard contractors can offer pavers, flagstone, stamped and stained concrete for your home. Some homeowners even go as far as modern wood fence, with lighting and patio cover. These are some of the basic options available for homeowners to discuss with their backyard designers in Hollywood.

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Traditional Backyard Design

Traditional backyards have a distinguished prestige without compromising on the details. Traditional backyard is designed with fresh lawns, shrubs, trees, and concrete with layers of distinctive design elements to promote the traditional design. Homeowners have different options available when they select a traditional lawn. Homeowners can design the backyard with traditional brick wall for privacy, and tall tree to block your neighbors from being nosy neighbors. Novel Remodeling would love to earn your backyard remodel with a free estimate in Hollywood. Call us today 855-456-6835

Lawn Installation - Grass Traditional Backyard

Turf Removal Rebates

Homeowners with traditional lawns and are interested in removing and replacing it with modern design can get rebates through different programs available for homeowners. SoCal Gas and LADWP are offering turf rebates up to $2.00 per sqft for lawns that are being replaced with drought tolerant landscape design. Scheduling a free estimate will help you understand how much of a rebate you can get back, costs for the landscaping and design without any commitment. Schedule our free estimate today to get started with your landscape design project in Los Angeles County.