Foundation Repair in Hollywood, CA - Free Estimate

Residential property owners are often surprised and scared into repairing their homes foundation and for good reason. Foundation damages can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in further damages if left unresolved. Foundation repair services we provide are evening out sunken floors, aligning support beams, installing pillars for hillside homes, retrofitting and bolting foundations. Our foundation specialists offer free estimates for foundation repair services in Hollywood, Ca. Schedule a free estimate to learn more, compare our prices to other foundation experts in our community.

Foundation Retrofitting and Soft Story Retrofit Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA is one of the most seismically active region in the world, and having your home foundation retrofit and brought up to code is one of the most important projects to consider in Los Angeles County. Our foundation contractor in Hollywood can help you retrofit your foundation, install bolts, beams, and other additional support to give your home a fighting chance when a earthquake hits LA. If your home was built before 1945, chances are extremely high that the foundation is most likely damaged, and does not have the proper bolts to secure your home from a major catastrophe.

Foundation Retrofitting Los Angeles

Soft Story Retrofit is for apartment complex with a specific foundation. Prior to recent laws that went into effect in 2015, Apartment Complex with above ground parking underneath the apartment complex are required to install support beams, and retrofit the area for additional foundation support. Apartment owners will be fined significantly if the proper retrofitting is not done by the end of 2019. Schedule a free estimate today to get started in Hollywood, CA.  

Why Hire Novel Remodeling General Contractor in Hollywood, CA.

Licensed & Insured: We are a licensed and insured general contractor with California Contractor State License Board. We have been licensed since 1997 with CSLB #908461.

Established: Our general contractor has been serving Hollywood, West Hollywood,  and North Hollywood since 1997.

Responsive: We are available to discuss your project in depth by phone & email. We love feedback and helping resolve matters as quickly as possible.

Informative: Our representatives provide accurate and straight forward estimates at the time of our schedule appointment. Schedule a free estimate to get prices and project information.

Customer Oriented: Our business revolves around pleasing our clients. We provide clear communication when you need help figuring out your next remodeling or home improvement project. Schedule a quote, learn more about us and get started today.

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