Bathroom Remodeling Contractor In Hollywood, Ca

Novel Remodeling and our team of general contractors offer the best of bathroom remodeling for homeowners in Hollywood, CA. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with over 15 years of bathroom remodeling experience all at prices homeowners can afford.  In Hollywood, CA we provide fully bathroom remodeling and bathroom repair services for single family homes, condominiums and apartment complexes.

Bathroom Remodel Hollywood, CA
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Building Your Dream Bathroom

Dream bathroom can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and we provide the means to customize your bathroom remodeling project in Hollywood, CA. Some homeowners prefer a walk in Jacuzzi tub to relax and bath accordingly. Some enjoy quick showers in a custom made shower enclosure and that is okay too. Building your dream bathroom begins with design plans and our bathroom remodeling contractors are experts in visualizing bathroom designs with 3D design plans.

3D Bathroom Design Plans

Schedule your free estimate to get started with one of our representative today. We provide 3D Design plans for homeowners interested in building a beautiful bathroom for their home in Hollywood, CA. Our bathroom designers can help you select fixtures, toilets, bathroom tiles, and bathroom vanity to look great.

Shower Enclosure Installation

Shower enclosures are one of the best options for homeowners on the run in Hollywood, CA. Time is of the essence and many families are opting for a beautiful shower enclosure that can make the shower experience faster, more convenient and luxurious. Homeowners interested in spa like features can upgrade fixtures to include massage features, better water pressure, and spa like design. Our bathroom contractors are experts in pebble flooring for the shower enclosure and water proofing the entire area to prevent leaks and water damage.

Upgrading Plumbing and Electrical

City safety codes rarely change but in 2017 and on new standards are in place to prevent mold formation and help prevent excessive water and electricity consumption. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Hollywood, CA help bring bathrooms up to new city code by upgrading your plumbing and electricity. 2019-2020 is all about efficient remodeling and design and everything begins with plumbing and electrical. We use only high quality LED lights that consume less electricity. We use sensor switches to prevent lights from staying on when homeowners are not in the restroom. We use premium plumbing materials like copper and pvc piping to reduce water related damages for homeowners. Our bathroom remodeling pros find innovative ways of adding value and bringing new innovations to homeowners. Ask about bathroom trends and see why Novel Remodeling is highly recommended in Hollywood.

Bathroom Repair In Hollywood, CA

Bathroom Repair In Hollywood, CA

Bathroom Repair Contractor

Have you noticed most large general contractor would not come out for a small bathroom repair? Since Novel Remodeling is a local general contractor that provides free estimates, we try to work with homeowners in Hollywood to bring low cost bathroom repair services without compromise. Our contractors can help you repair water damage, bathroom tile damage, bathroom window replacement and more. Our bathroom contractor can keep your cost low, while repairing or replace the area efficiently and save you thousands. Plan your next bathroom remodel with us and save. Ask about our online special!