Summer Home Improvement Guide: Los Angeles, CA

Home Improvement in Los Angeles, CA Your 2019 Guide for Summer Home Improvement

Los Angeles, CA has one of the most extreme temperature fluctuations in the region and regular maintenance is needed to ensure your home is ready for 2019 summer. Every year, we reach out to existing and new clients to ensure that their home is in the best condition by sharing common remodeling and home improvement projects to consider. Whether you bought your home recent, or been living there all your life, common repairs are for every homeowner that cares about their home.

Let us dive right into our favorite home improvement project your backyard.

Landscaping and Hardscaping your Backyard

In 2019, Los Angeles came out of the drought funk and has the necessary water to sustain us for the near future. That also means that dessert landscape designs are now a personal taste rather than a requirement. If you are interested in xeriscaping design or drought tolerant designed landscaping for your backyard, consider hiring our local landscape designers.

Our drought tolerant landscape designers can help you reduce your water consumption and lower your utility bill drastically if you own a large traditional lawn style landscape. If you spent the time last year and upgraded you’re landscaping, consider adding hardscaping or concrete to your backyard. Concrete helps elevate the need for landscaping, and is great for people with allergies. Most common allergies in Los Angeles are plant based.

Hardscaping services we provide for backyard and patio designs include brick, interlocking pavers, flag-stone, stamped and stained concrete, in addition to natural stones. We provide driveway remodeling, patio construction, backyard paving, and other outdoor renovations. Our backyard designers can help you meet your home improvement goals for summer by addressing the core concerns and recommending popular ways of reaching your goals.

Are your kids starting a new sport? We have built basketball courts, tennis courts and stadium style area for homeowners interested in having their own place. Start with a free estimate from our contractor Novel Remodeling.

Landscape Designer
Summer Landscaping Los Angeles

Energy Star Window Replacement

Window installation Summer Remodeling

If you spent enough time on your backyard remodel, consider upgrading your home windows with new energy star windows from named brands like Milgard, Plygem and Paramount Windows. Energy star windows are great for our homes for many reasons. Homeowners can save energy, reduce noise, and even add additional protection against theft by upgrading their windows to new designs that provide all the above and more.

In Los Angeles, so many homeowners suffer from traffic noise that has recently become a big issue. Homeowners need peace and quiet while enjoy the comfort of their homes. Novel Remodeling and our team of window repair and replacement specialists offer an array of different styles of windows to choose from. Fully licensed and insured, we make it easy to get new windows by helping homeowners with financing options, selecting different window frames, glass, insulation and more. Free estimates for window replacements in Los Angeles.

Heating and Cooling (HVAC Maintenance)

AC Home Improvement

While new residential windows are cool, having a central heating and cooling system for your home is a must in Los Angeles. If you bought a home without central air conditioning, your summer days and nights can be unbearable. Our contractor makes installing a new HVAC system a breeze by also being able to handle all the construction related to your new system. Some of the main projects of installing a central air conditioning include tearing down walls and installing ducts, installing furnace, placing your air conditioning unit, connecting and testing system, and even maintenance when things fall apart.

Patio Cover Maintenance or New Installation

Lastly, let’s discuss the importance of a patio cover and patio area for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA. In California it gets very hot, and Los Angeles is no different. It’s nearly impossible to stand in the sun longer than an hour during LA hot summer days. Temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees and its exhausting to say the very least. Patio covers are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors while not being directly under the sun.

Novel Remodeling and our patio contractors can help upgrade, remodel, and repair any type of patio cover in Los Angeles County. We pride ourselves on our versatility and our approach to help homeowner save thousand, while still upgrading professionally. We can help build wood, aluminum, and vinyl patio covers. We work with all manufactures for patio construction, whether you’re interested in custom design or prefabricated. Fully custom patio cover is designed by our patio specialists, and can be made from wood. Wood patio covers require our experienced carpenters for patio design, staining and coating patio cover for water, termites and other natural factors that can damage it.

This leads us to repairing existing patio covers that have rote, wood damage, and termite damage that can jeopardize anyone sitting under the patio cover. Schedule a free inspection if you notice damages and need help repairing. Novel Remodeling serving the entire Los Angeles County.