No such thing as New Kitchen Remodeling on Budget

Kitchen remodeling on a budget, what does it mean?

Los Angeles is the home of Lakers, Kings, and Dodgers but unfortunately they cannot help lower your costs for building a new kitchen for your home. A budgeted kitchen means a lot of things to many different types of kitchens. On average, kitchen remodeling budgets for homeowners are very unrealistic and tends to be in the range of $7,500 - $10,000.  

What the internet does not tell you is how expensive labor costs are in Los Angeles, CA. Finding day laborers that specialize in kitchen remodeling and design is extremely difficult. Those that are inexperience will mess up your home and cause more damages then remodel. Kitchen remodeling contractors that are experience understand that kitchen remodeling materials for an average kitchen tend to cost $8,000 and that does not include labor.

As Novel Remodeling grows throughout the years, we noticed many homeowners fall victim to cheap work, horrible contractor stories that go sideways. Expect to pay on average $15k-$30k and that is a simple kitchen with no extras. In Long beach, CA our kitchen contractors work with our clients to bring affordability, functional design, and latest kitchen trends to our work.  

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Are their kitchen remodeling cheap options for homeowners?

It’s not all lost in the world of kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles. There are options that can help lower your kitchen remodeling costs but that do not include new materials.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is an option available for homeowners with kitchens that are in good conditions. Some homeowners in the early 80’s and 90’s spent a good fortune on cabinets and are still in good condition. We use existing kitchen cabinets by sanding, staining, repairing, and painting it to fit the new kitchen design. By reusing old cabinets and making it new again, we can save homeowners up to 40% of the costs.

Are your counter tops in good condition? Minor repairs can help turn old counter tops into new again by repairing scratches, chips, burnt stains and more. Sanding and sealing granite countertops can resolve most ugly spots!

There are cheaper options for homeowners interested in remodeling their kitchens. It’s more in line with repairing the minor damages that stand out above all else. For kitchen repairs, consider Novel Remodeling. We help homeowners save on average up to 45% with our kitchen repairs and replacements.

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Kitchen remodeling ideas Long Beach

The best way to discover prices and learn about specials for kitchen renovations in Long Beach and LA is by scheduling free estimate. If you own your property and need a licensed contractor to assess your kitchen and help put things into perspective, consider Novel Remodeling and our kitchen contractors. We eager to make a great impression and help more homeowners interested in repairing their kitchens, or replacing their kitchens in Long Beach. We have an extensive list of homeowners we performed kitchen remodeling and other remodeling services and would love to share their experiences and what we can do for you. Give us a call today 855-456-6835 or inquire online.