General Contractors Hollywood, CA

Interested in hiring one of the best local general contractors in Hollywood Hills, CA? Novel Remodeling provides local remodeling and home improvement services in Hollywood. Novel Remodeling works with the finest general contractors in our community. Our general contractors provide a different home improvement and remodeling services for homeowners.

Everyone starts a home remodeling project with an idea or design found on the web and getting a contractor to start the project can be challenging. Our general contractors in Hollywood Hills work with any design, and home style you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in a traditional kitchen remodeling or building a whole new, modern kitchen with all the latest technologies and design elements, we can do it. Same applies for our popular bathroom renovations, backyard make overs, and three essence of home improvement; Foundation Repairs, Roof Repairs and Windows.

General Remodeling Services

We pride ourselves on projects that matter most to clients in our community In Hollywood Hills. Most projects we take on are full scale kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, backyard redesign, roof repairs, foundation repairs and window installation.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most sought after remodeling projects just after backyard remodeling. Kitchen remodeling we take on are cabinet repairs, cabinet replacement, counter installation, countertop repairs and kitchen tiling. We repair and replace your entire kitchen while you get to save money from plumbing to electrical.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations require a licensed general contractor because a full bathroom remodeling needs an electrician, plumber, and few other trades to make your bathroom whole again. Novel Remodeling uses our local contractors to help you get your bathroom remodeled properly.

Backyard Makeovers

Are you tired of looking at your old dried up lawn? Often times homeowners in Hollywood Hills have cracked concrete throughout the backyard, or minor damages throughout. Some even have large tennis courts that no longer serve a purpose, or basketball courts that kids no longer play. Novel Remodeling helps homeowners renovate and remodel with our clients in mind. Begin today and let us transform your backyard with a design that fits well in your home. 



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Benefits of Hiring General Contractor

General Contractors and our license is crucial for homeowners that want quality, dependability and professional service they can count on. Our general contractors are held responsible for each and every remodeling project we take on. While you get the horror story of a leak in the kitchen and your local handyman is nowhere to be found, we have a dedicated office, and team of project managers to ensure you get help immediately when things go wrong.

Things tend to happen and neither a handyman nor a general contractor is perfect. The difference between contractors and handyman is that one has a license, liability insurance for crew and range of protections that take the responsibility of damages and injuries that can occur on homeowner’s property. Schedule an estimate today and learn why we come highly recommended for quality and dependability when it counts the most.